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Articles on contemporary topics on INDIA

What Bihar Needs is the Renaissance of ‘Vihari Identity’

‘Swadeshi’, Globalisation and ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’: Why India Fails to Learn…

It is Time to Think What You Want as News!

Emperor Ashoka’s Choice of Rampurva in Champaran: India Should Restore the…

Nepalese Railway and Economic Development: What Has Gone Wrong?

Where is Nepal’s Relation with India Headed to?

Can Sanskrit be Revived ?

Supreme Court of India: The Court Where Gods Seek Justice

Indian Identity, Resurgence of Nationalism and Muslims

Narendra Modi: What Makes Him What He is ?

The Bhawalpuris of Rajpura: A Community That Rose Like A Phoenix

India, Pakistan and Kashmir: Why Any Opposition to Abrogation of Article…

From ‘’Whether Aid Works’’ to ‘’What Works’’: Finding Best Ways to…

Recounting An Encounter With A Roma – The European Traveler with…

Political Elites of India: The Shifting Dynamics

CAA and NRC : Beyond Protests and Rhetoric

What Bihar Needs is a ‘Robust’ System to Support Young Entrepreneurs

Relevance of Guru Nanak’s Teachings to India’s Economic Development

How a Mughal Crown Prince Fell Victim to Intolerance

Sabrimala Temple: Are Menstruating Women Any Threat to Celibate Gods?

Navjot Singh Sidhu: An Optimist or a Parochial Sub Nationalist?

India’s ‘Me Too’ Moment: Implications for Bridging the Power Differential and…

Dr VD Mehta: The Story of ‘’Synthetic Fibre Man’’ of India

Buddhism: A Refreshing Perspective Albeit Twenty-Five Centuries Old

What Bihar Needs is a Massive Revamp in its Value System


Articles on contemporary topics on SCIENCE

COVID-19 and Darwin’s Natural Selection among Humans

Nitric Oxide (NO): A New Weapon in Fight against COVID-19

Mars 2020 Mission: Perseverance Rover Successfully Lands on the Mars Surface

Space Weather, Solar Wind Disturbances and Radio Bursts

Burden of Disease: How COVID-19 has Affected Life Expectancy

Genetics of COVID-19: Why Some People Develop Severe Symptoms

Thapsigargin (TG): A Potential Anti-cancer and Broad-spectrum Anti-viral Agent That May…

Dentistry: Povidone Iodine (PVP-I) Prevents and Treats Early Phases of COVID-19

Types of COVID-19 Vaccines in Vogue: Could There be Something Amiss?

Galápagos Islands: What Sustains its Rich Ecosystem?

DNA Vaccine Against SARS-COV-2: A Brief Update

Gravitational-wave Background (GWB): A Breakthrough in Direct Detection

The Fireworks Galaxy, NGC 6946: What Make this Galaxy so Special?

Space Biomining: Inching Towards Human Settlements Beyond Earth

Human Proteome Project (HPP): Blueprint Covering 90.4% of the Human Proteome…

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine: A Milestone in Science and a Game Changer…

Understanding Life-threatening COVID-19 Pneumonia

New Strains of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19): Could ‘Neutralising…


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