Umesh Prasad is an alumnus of The London School of Economics and is a British Citizen. He was born in India in Ghorasahan village of East Champaran district of Bihar.2 

He is the Founder of Scientific European (SCIEU), a science magazine that aims to bring the current scientific advances for the benefit and understanding for the general audience. The idea to launch Scientific European came after a series of discussions with Dr Rajeev Soni, a well-known molecular biologist and an alumnus of the University of Cambridge, UK. The articles written present ideas that have been published on peer-reviewed journals in the recent past.2. Besides being an Editor in chief, Umesh Prasad has contributed significantly to the articles written in the magazine. 

He is also the founder of European Journal of Sciences (EJS)European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS)and India Review (www.IndiaReview.co.uk)4. He has been instrumental in the revival of magazine, The India Review (TIR.news) which was last published in 1932. After revival, it started again from England on 10th August 20185

In addition, Umesh Prasad has also launched a unique digital portal mainly for students seeking admission to European institutions6.  

He is the founding Editor and currently the Editor-in-Chief of Scientific European since its inception in 2018. 

He has authored several articles on contemporary topics in ‘’The India Review’’and ‘’Scientific European’’ 8  

UK India Centre has also been founded by him.



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